Jan 222013

HP has issued a press release that talks about how ITX Enterprises is able to expand our private cloud service delivery by utilizing best in class products, services and hardware from HP and VMware. Here is the link to their press release: For more information from ITX Enterprises regarding our service offerings and customized […]

Jan 092013

The ITX Enterprises development and project management staff have released updates to both of our EHR products that integrate with Pro-Filer. Recovery Companion is now @ v4.1 with v4.2 updates and enhancements being prioritized and the scope outlined. Decision Support is now @ v7 and being deployed across the country to more and more clients. […]

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Dec 192011

I wanted to share a few quick links of interest today.  We are finding that our recently completed case study with HP regarding our HP P4800 and C7000 chassis purchase and implementation has reached a world audience.  Today I was contacted from a representative in London regarding our case study and wanting to line up […]

Mar 302011

We are excited that our new HP P4800 SAN and C7000 blade chassis has arrived.  We’re anxious for the potential it offers us and how we’ll be able to help leverage this great technology along with VMware for an outstanding hardware platform for future growth and services.

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Mar 282011

We’re proud to announce and showcase the new website for ITX Enterprises.  There is still a lot of content that needs to be formatted for the site – but it’s coming soon!

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