Jan 222013

HP has issued a press release that talks about how ITX Enterprises is able to expand our private cloud service delivery by utilizing best in class products, services and hardware from HP and VMware.

Here is the link to their press release:


For more information from ITX Enterprises regarding our service offerings and customized IT solutions, please contact us.


HP Helps Service Provider ITX Enterprises Expand Private Cloud Service Delivery

Upgrading to HP Converged Infrastructure speeds time to value for health practitioners

PALO ALTO, Calif. – HP today announced that ITX Enterprises Inc., a virtual desktop service provider for behavioral health professionals, has selected an HP Converged Infrastructure to host its private cloud and expand service delivery nationally.

ITX Enterprises provides the Pro-Filer™ behavioral health records management system to a consortium of 500 behavioral health professionals across the state of Utah. Pro-Filer offers secure online storage for client records as well as invoice and payables generation for health practitioners.

To roll out the Pro-Filer system on a national scale, the company needed a reliable infrastructure with the flexibility and scalability to host a private cloud of virtual desktops. After evaluating competitive offerings from Cisco, Dell and NetApp, ITX Enterprises chose server, storage and networking solutions from HP. The company discovered that competing solutions, such as Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS), only provided a portion of the infrastructure it needed, and lacked converged storage solutions to support growing service demands. ITX Enterprises wanted a comprehensive solution from a single vendor to help reduce costs while simplifying system management and accelerating service delivery.

The updated infrastructure for ITX Enterprises includes a combination of HP’s server and storage solutions, which streamline maintenance while easing troubleshooting and support. In addition, HP Networking has enabled ITX Enterprises to improve network performance while keeping costs down. Together, these components allow for better technical integration and convergence on a reliable, scalable platform.

“When we began discussions on offering the Pro-Filer system across the United States as a hosted solution, our infrastructure technology was outdated and just couldn’t support the data-intensive service levels the system required,” said Todd Christensen, IT manager, ITX Enterprises Inc. “After extensive research, we selected HP because their Converged Infrastructure delivered a comprehensive, integrated solution with the reliability and scalability we needed to support current as well as future business needs.”

By leveraging single-vendor support for servers, storage and networking that is administered through a common management platform, ITX Enterprises delivered an 85 percent reduction in time to add, remove or change servers. By using an HP Virtual Connect Flex-10 10Gb Ethernet Module with HP 5800 switch series, the company also lowered costs with an 80-percent reduction in network cabling and switches.(1) In addition, the company easily expanded storage capacity as needed without unexpected downtime, reducing administration time by 75 percent.(1)

ITX Enterprises has recognized substantial cost savings from the rollout, which integrated an HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure with five HP ProLiant BL460c G7 server blades hosting virtual machines running VMware vSphere 5 and a four-node HP StoreVirtual Storage system. By using thin provisioning and storage clustering provided by the HP StoreVirtual Storage system, ITX avoided the purchase of 15 extra terabytes of direct attached storage (DAS) or network attached storage (NAS). The company also experienced an 89-percent reduction in physical servers and an $18,000 annual reduction in power consumption with the HP BladeSystem environment.(1) ITX runs VMware vSphere on the HP ProLiant servers, which provides the company with greater application performance and helps boost business responsiveness.

To ensure rapid deployment of its HP Converged Infrastructure, ITX Enterprises utilized HP Factory Express to preassemble, pretest and preconfigure the solution to its specifications. As a result, data center setup was complete in one hour, compared with weeks for comparable solutions—a 99-percent reduction in system time to value.(1)

(1) Based on ITX Enterprises internal data.

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Jan 092013

The ITX Enterprises development and project management staff have released updates to both of our EHR products that integrate with Pro-Filer.

Recovery Companion is now @ v4.1 with v4.2 updates and enhancements being prioritized and the scope outlined.

Decision Support is now @ v7 and being deployed across the country to more and more clients.

Please contact us for more information and the steps to upgrade either or both of your products to their latest release versions.

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Jul 052012

ITX Enterprises is pleased to announce the latest release of the automated DLA-20 assessment (developed by Willa Presmanes and R.L. Scott). This release includes an electronic DLA-20 assessment, Treatment Planning Module, and Functional Libraries to deliver a complete solution with a user-friendly design. Some of the latest features include automatic scoring, age adjusted language in one simple form, 20 fully functional treatment libraries and seamless integration with your client’s treatment plan in the Electronic Health Record.

New Design
The ITX automated DLA-20 now includes a new design that allows the user to navigate through the Daily Living Activities with a simple, intuitive workflow.

Functional Libraries
20 functional libraries are now available to integrate the treatment planning process with the DLA-20 assessment. Planning libraries (developed by licensed clinical staff) are simple to use, automatically linked and can be individualized to meet your consumer’s needs.

Electronic Health Record Integration
Problems, Goals and Objectives are dynamically connected to any of your consumer’s active treatment plans. Along with the treatment plan information, GAF scores are also automatically updated in your Electronic Health Record regardless of whether it’s an initial assessment or a review.

The ITX Automated DLA-20 has everything you need to assess, plan and review treatment with a more functional focus. To find out more, contact us.

Mar 262012

Overview of What’s New / Enhanced in RC4:


  1. Full bio-psychosocial integration to assess mental health and substance abuse.
    •  In the RC3 we assessed substance abuse needs sufficiently enough to justify further assessment or referral.  In RC4 we assess all six ASAM dimensions in the Inventory (if they apply to the client) and generate very detailed autotext for each dimension.  Depending on how the company customizes its RC4, the Bridge/Clinical Summary can include and populate an ASAM Placement Criteria 2R as an additional component of the evaluation or store the ASAM information to be merged later into a standalone ASAM PPC  R2.
  2. We have also added content to make the age range appropriate/sufficient for clients who are 6 years of age and older.
    • New Developmental, Family/Household and Social Interpersonal Sections
  3. Refinement of all autotext.
    • All sub forms/sections generate autotext that transfers to the Clinical Summary;
    • Autotext matches the language of the sub forms closely;
  4. New tabular format of sections (similar to Step 1) in the Inventory and Bridge/Clinical Summary.
  5. Users can complete the assessment starting at any of the steps: Screening, Inventory or Bridge Clinical Summary.
  6. Improved, more flexible Bridge:
    • New strength/barrier selections in the bridge for substance abuse and all new sections.
    • New libraries for substance abuse and all new sections.
    • Users can select multiple barriers/needs from the same libraries
  7. Expanded Clinical Libraries
    • The clinical libraries for the RC4 have had to be completely reconfigured to meet the latest federal regulations, primarily the Rehabilitation Ruling.  This has involved far more than adding interventions; we have had to go back through every one of the objectives and many of the goals.  Many were added, many were modified, and many were expired.  All of the existing and new libraries are completed down to the objectives.  All of the libraries have at least one custom intervention associated to every objective, so that users can have the full PGOI thread for all of the content.  Many of the libraries have a full set of interventions in addition to the custom intervention for each objective.  However, many do not.  In short, the RC4 libraries are fully functional, but not complete (yet).
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Dec 192011

I wanted to share a few quick links of interest today.  We are finding that our recently completed case study with HP regarding our HP P4800 and C7000 chassis purchase and implementation has reached a world audience.  Today I was contacted from a representative in London regarding our case study and wanting to line up a collaborative conference call to discuss our success and strategies for a smooth integration.  I also found a link that has appeared on an HP blog.  We have had a great run time with this new equipment and our implementation couldn’t have gone smoother with VMware ESXi 4.1.  In fact we’ll be presenting our implementation and migration strategies and success at our next local VMUG – VMware User Group – meeting in January 2012.



Also – again here is the link to the entire case study itself on HP’s site.



Dec 162011

I found this link on one of the RSS feeds on our site this morning.  I thought it was well written and although it showcases a worse case scenario – it does bring to light a growing problem.  The problem referred to in the article is fueled by gadget fixation or the need to feel like you have to include all of the electronic gadgets possible into every aspect of your life.

The article talks about a neuro surgeon taking over 10 phone calls during a surgery using a wireless headset.  Wow.  Multi-tasking has certainly received negative reviews lately and adding in all of the notices, chirps and alerts that a smartphone will happily supply to you until the battery runs out seems a little extreme.  Nevertheless – interesting read.  We have people asking for tablets, smartphones – etc to help them be “more effective” when working with patients.  Now – we don’t work with people doing a lot of neuro surgery – but all the same – are the gadgets pulling away from the focus of the healthcare being provided?  Interesting question.  I certainly would have no compunction asking my doctor to put down his phone or take a call at a later time if I was in front of him on a billable basis and wasting my time.



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Jul 212011

We’re opening up a Decision Support release candidate to a few users for testing/feedback. Two suites are included- the Executive (which show high level overviews and trends) and the Clinical (which are designed to help team leaders and providers manage their caseloads and productivity).

Documentation on the data source, purpose, and additional functionality available in each chart (including excel export & real time pivoting) will be included shortly to our beta users.

Also note that the data in the dashboards is refreshed every 24 hours, but we hope to have an incremental refresh working soon.

Mar 302011

We are excited that our new HP P4800 SAN and C7000 blade chassis has arrived.  We’re anxious for the potential it offers us and how we’ll be able to help leverage this great technology along with VMware for an outstanding hardware platform for future growth and services.

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